24 Hour Walgreens Locations

Although 24-hour Walgreens locations are best known for filling customer prescriptions, the stores also carry a selection of children’s toys, greeting cards, beers and wines, food items, and household cleaners. In addition, the 24-hour Walgreens pharmacy that is open now is staffed with licensed professionals who can answer basic health-related questions for customers or contact physicians to assist customers with their health needs better.

Vitamins and other Health Supplements

The 24-hour Walgreens pharmacy has a vast selection of vitamins and other health supplements for customers who do not need prescription medications and prefer more holistic approaches to everyday health needs. Multi-vitamins, minerals, and herbs are available in several different brands. Customers can also find various fish oil products, probiotics, children’s vitamins, supplements, and other homeopathic remedies for minor illnesses and injuries.

Home Health Care Solutions

Most 24-hour Walgreens locations feature a large department with comprehensive home health care solutions. Home health care is increasing by leaps and bounds in the U.S., as studies have shown that patients are happier and tend to recuperate faster when they are in their homes’ comfortable and familiar surroundings. Products that help patients remain more mobile, such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, scooters, and lift chairs, are available in the Walgreens home health department or can be purchased online and delivered to the patient’s home. Walgreens also carries home testing, monitoring products, supports, braces, and other daily living and safety aids.

Even Groceries

Customers can find something quick to put together for dinner at their local 24-hour Walgreens pharmacy. Along with a multitude of snack items and a large variety of beverages, many 24-hour Walgreens locations also carry frozen and refrigerated foods. In addition, Walgreens pharmacies have health food items, unique sports nutrition products, food items for customers on special diets, baby food, formula, and, particularly, holidays.

Perhaps you forgot someone’s birthday and need to purchase a gift but are pressed for time. With a quick stop at a Walgreens pharmacy, you can buy a birthday card and choose from a wide selection of gift cards from famous stores and restaurants. The choices are almost limitless at a Walgreens pharmacy.